Bra Fitting Course Previous Attendees

People from all over the world have travelled to the UK to take part in Lindsey Brown's Bra Fitting Course, including Australia, America and South Africa. The Bra Fitting Course is suitable for everyone involved in Lingerie retail. 

Established in 2006 the bra fitting course is the World Leader in teaching Bra Fitting without a Tape Measure. Our unique bra fitting training method teaches a proven technique that will help you to fit accurately and consistently. 

From bra fitting specialists to newcomers to the lingerie industry wanting to offer bra fitting or provide a fitting service, our one day bra fitting course is the most established and well renowned training for anyone in the lingerie industry.

Lindsey Brown is globally recognised as a bra fitting expert and we have trained overseas attendees from more than 28 countries, travelling from locations such as Australia, America, South Africa and Nigeria to attend our world-renowned bra fitting courses.

The Bra Fitting Course aims to give you a great understanding of the anatomy of the breast and the ability to fit a bra correctly and accurately without the use of a tape measure. It is also a great opportunity to meet new people and lingerie retailers from all over the world.

map of attendees

The map pinpoints where attendees have travelled from to attend the Bra Fitting Course as Lindsey Brown's Bra fitting expertise is recognised internationally.


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The Bra Fitting Course held in Leicestershire England is the fitting course of choice for overseas visitors who cannot find the same level of bespoke training or Bra Fitting Courses in America, Australasia or Africa. Click here to read more about the Bra Fitting Course Info.