Bra Fitting Course Reviews

Since Linsdey Brown launched the Bra Fitting Course in 2006, word has spread within the industry and the Bra Fitting Training and Lingerie Retail Courses have been regularly attended ever since. The Bra Fitting Course aims to give you a great understanding of the anatomy of the breast and the ability to fit a bra correctly and accurately without the use of a tape measure. It is also a great opportunity to meet new people and lingerie retailers from all over the world.

Lindsey Brown is globally recognised as a bra fitting expert and we have trained overseas attendees from more than 28 countries, travelling from locations such as Australia, America, South Africa, Russia and Nigeria to attend our world-renowned bra fitting courses. 

Here is just some of the feedback from attendees who have completed our Bra Fitting Course:

"Excellent Course, very informative in a  friendly setting. I am now confident that I can fit without the use of a tape measure." H. James

"It's thanks to you and your course, which we thoroughly enjoyed, which gave us confidence to pursue our dream" Lesley - Bravellous 

''Everyone who sells lingerie should do this course. This is a great way of learning the right technique!'' Pauline

"First of all a massive thank you to Lindsey for two absolutely amazing courses. I sincerely hope that I now have the confidence to turn my plans for my own specialty business, into a reality. I actually feel moved and inspired by the invaluable insight and information I have been given. Thank you also to you all for making me feel comfortable and welcome. I have truly enjoyed the whole experience." GK, London

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