One Day Bra Fitting Course

The aim of our bra fitting course is to teach participants to fit by eye, without the use of a tape measure, a proven technique which the bra course founder created during and after her Masters Research degree on Compression of the Breast Tissue. The bra fitting training classes are held in small groups of 4 - 8 people, enabling course interaction with fellow participants where individual queries are answered.


Suitable for both newcomers and those with experience wanting to learn a new approach 

Cost £360 per person - (£300 plus £60 VAT)


COURSE STRUCTURE: 9.30am - 4.30pm


WHO RUNS THE BRA FITTING COURSE Our Bra Fitting course, is the only non tape measure bra fitting training course in the UK to be run by a teacher with a Masters Degree specialising in Bra Design and Compression of the Breast Tissue. With over 20 years in the Lingerie industry including Retail, Design, Manufacture, Research, Bespoke Consultancy, Lecturing, Medical Profession Training and Bra Fitting Training.


WHAT WILL I LEARN FROM THE BRA COURSE The aim of the bra fitting course is to teach participants to fit bras by eye, without a tape measure, and provide essential lingerie product knowledge.


BENEFITS TO OUR BRA FITTING COURSE APPROACH The body is elastic, whereas a tape measure is static. A tape measure cannot measure volume, so it is essential that anyone advising women on wearing the correct fitting bra learns how to assess and fit without a tape measure. In addition, for lingerie retailers the Technical Product Knowledge covered on the course saves time and energy later on in the buying process.


WHO IS THE BRA FITTING COURSE FOR The One Day Bra Fitting Course is suitable for everyone involved in the lingerie market, from buyers to designers, established businesses who would like to enhance their knowledge of bra fitting and newcomers to the lingerie industry. As Bra Fitting is a female profession, the course is only suitable for women to attend as per our fitting models' request.


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