Bra Fitting Course Reviews

A selection of feedback , received from attendees who have completed our One Bra Fitting Course. 

"I have attended many teaching courses during my career and didn't always come away as enthused as I did from Lindsey's. I shall certainly be in touch to book the Retail Course." A. Morgan 


''Excellent Course! Very informative, relaxed and enjoyable. Lindsey was very motivational!'' Sue Robinson


"I really enjoyed the bra fitting course & found that even though I was nervous before it started I was put right at ease I would highly recommend this course to anyone starting out in the bra fitting industry as this was really useful and the course content included everything you will need. I would also like to add that I now feel confident in being able to fit bras" J. Jackson 


"It's thanks to you and your course, which we thoroughly enjoyed, which gave us confidence to pursue our dream" Lesley - Bravellous 


"I found the bra fitting course most extremely useful. I found the theory part very helpful, as it makes the understanding of what you are doing easier to grasp." Jane Curtis


"The course followed a natural progression, the written material and accompanying graphics provided helpful reference.  The course design was professional, appropriately paced, providing a very good environment for learning. The practical fitting sessions were integral to the course and provided attendees with an excellent opportunity to put their learning into practice and start building confidence and skills in fitting bras correctly. Once again thank you for time and providing such an enjoyable experience." E. Morgan 


"Practical guidance on fitting and calculating ideal bra size and bra fit was very useful. It was useful to fit ladies of different age groups."  Dr Susan Williams-Jones of Royal Hallamshire Sheffield Teaching Hospital 


"First of all a massive thank you to Lindsey for two absolutely amazing courses. I sincerely hope that I now have the confidence to turn my plans for my own specialty business, into a reality. I actually feel moved and inspired by the invaluable insight and information I have been given. Thank you also to you all for making me feel comfortable and welcome. I have truly enjoyed the whole experience." GK, London


"The day went very well. The tuition & practical was in balance and I feel confident leaving the course that I can fit bras without a tape measure, and make it a better experience in my shop." R. Quinnell


"Thank you so much for the course, it was invaluable and you presented it so clearly for a novice like me it was easy to understand." L. Patience 


"Excellent Course, very informative in a  friendly setting. I am now confident that I can fit without the use of a tape measure." H. James


"I can safely report that this is a great course and I would highly recommend it: not only did I come away safe in the knowledge that I would now be able to bra-fit 'legitimately', I also had a wonderful and very insightful day learning at Lindsey's office with the other ladies who attended. We unanimously agreed, Lindsey Brown's bra-fitting course should surely be a legal obligation for all those who are thinking of going into the lingerie industry; whether it's retail, design or even blogging about lingerie, you need to know the facts - after all, if women are going to spend money on a bra, surely they have a right to buy one that actually fits!" A. Bryant

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