Medical Profession Bra Fitting Training

Our Aim is to give you the best bra fitting training, enabling you to provide an excellent bra fitting service for your organisation or practice.



Lindsey Brown of the Bra Fitting course has trained a variety of medical professionals from breast clinicians working in the NHS to NHS nurses, body scanning companies and plastic surgeons. We have trained specialist Lymphedema nurses from St Catherine's Hospice Trust in the benefits of correct bra fitting and the renowned Royal Hallamshire Sheffield Teaching Hospital has repeatedly sent their team on our bra fitting courses over the years.

"Practical guidance on fitting and calculating ideal bra size and bra fit was very useful. It was useful to fit ladies of different age groups."  Dr Susan Williams-Jones of Royal Hallamshire Sheffield Teaching Hospital 


COURSE COST: £2160.00 (inc VAT) Timings: 9.30 am - 4.30pm (5pm with questions)

The Bespoke Bra Course held at our training office, is suitable for up to 6 attendees maximum with private rooms for fittings with minimum of 4 models.



Pre Course meeting with the business owner to discuss specific needs.

Prepared Tailored Background Research

Course Notes for each attendee

Bras to be used in the practical fitting process

Bra Fitting Certificates for each attendee

Full Refreshments for Breakfast, Morning & Afternoon breaks are provided throughout the day and lunch is also included in the price.



ANATOMY OF THE BREAST: Review of the interaction of the bra and the body, looking at bra fit and functions to support the breast.

SIZING & STYLES: Understanding the difference between bra styles, from balcony to full cups and the design and construction of these shapes.

PRODUCT KNOWLEDGE: Examining Bra Construction from wires and lace to fabrics and trims.

GOOD FITTING BRAS: This information can be used when buying products, to establish a good fitting bra.   

FITTING: The fitting process with demonstration on models


TAILORED CONTENT: We have a wide range of bra models in all ages and size, allowing your specific area of interest to be met as we can select models to suit your specific needs.


Please note this course is not intended for individuals who want to use the knowledge to train others in bra fitting. Licensed Bra Fitting Training Courses are available for this purpose so please send an email by clicking this link if you require further information on Train the Trainer Courses or to discuss any specific needs.


DATES & DETAILS: If you would like to book a Bespoke Training Course, full payment is required in advance. We appreciate that NHS and Private Sector may require 4-6 weeks’ notice; on this basis we request that a non-refundable 20% deposit is paid on acceptance of dates and signing formal paperwork to allow any background work to commence.


BRA COURSE AT YOUR LOCATION: Our world renowned Bra Fitting Training courses are held at the College Court Conference Centre in Leicester. However we can provide a Bra Fitting Course at your location. Extra Costs such as models and travel will be added onto the bespoke price which we would discuss and agree up front. 

If you would like further information, please fill out the contact form with your details to register your interest in Medical Profession Bra Fitting Course.

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