Celebrating 400 Attendees

Since opening it's doors in 2006 the Bra Fitting Course has proudly trained over 400 people. To be precise it is 428 people that have attended our bra fitting courses from all over the world.

People from over 28 countries including Australia, America and South Africa have travelled to the UK to take part in the world renowned Lindsey Brown's Bra Fitting Course. Lindsey is globally recognised in the industry as a bra fitting expert who teach participants to fit by eye, without the use of a tape measure, a proven technique which she created.

The Bra Fitting Course is suitable for everyone involved in Lingerie retail. If you are starting out in the industry the One Day Bra Fitting Course is suitable for everyone involved in the lingerie market, from buyers to designers, established businesses who would like to enhance their knowledge of bra fitting and newcomers to the lingerie industry.

For those who have completed the One Day Bra Fitting Course then the next step would be The Advanced Bra Fitting Course is a refresher course to develop and improve practical Bra Fitting Skills. 

A Bespoke Bra Fitting Course can be tailored to meet the needs of an individual or a group. Our bespoke courses are ideal for a brand of business who require bra fitting training for their team. We also run bespoke bra fitting courses for doctors and for breast surgeons in both the Private and NHS sectors. 

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