About The Bra Fitting Course

Why Choose Our Bra Fitting Course

  1. Established Expertise: Our course is the most established and well renowned in the industry. With years of experience, Lindsey Brown is a true expert in the field of bra fitting. You can trust her knowledge and guidance to help you excel in your career.
  2. One-to-One Training: Unlike other courses, we provide personalized training tailored to your specific needs. Our one-to-one approach ensures you receive the attention and support necessary to become a skilled bra fitter and at a date to suit you.
  3. Comprehensive Knowledge: Whether you're a newcomer or already have some experience in the lingerie industry, our course offers the perfect foundation. We cover all aspects of bra fitting, from sections of a bra through to the interaction of the bra with the body, providing you with extensive product knowledge.


Benefits to Our Bra Fitting Course Approach 

  1. Professional Development: By completing our course, you'll enhance your professional development and gain a competitive edge in the industry as learning how to correctly fit a bra will increase your sales.
  2. Increased Confidence: Our training program equips you with the skills and confidence to accurately measure and fit bras for individuals of all body types. You'll be able to provide exceptional customer service and ensure customers coming back to you, the next time they need a new bra.
  3. Industry Recognition: As the most established and well renowned bra fitting training course, our certification carries weight in the industry. It demonstrates your commitment to excellence and sets you apart as a qualified bra fitter.


Wher the Bra Fitting Course is based

What will I learn from your course?

The aim of the bra fitting course is to teach participants to fit bras by eye, without a tape measure, and provide essential lingerie product knowledge


Who runs the Bra Fitting Course ?

Our Bra Fitting course, is the only non tape measure bra fitting training course in the UK to be run by a teacher with a Masters Degree specialising in Bra Design and Compression of the Breast Tissue. With over 20 years in the Lingerie industry including Retail, Design, Manufacture, Research, Bespoke Consultancy, Lecturing, Medical Profession Training and Bra Fitting Training.

To find out more about who we are and the Bra Fitting Course teacher Lindsey Brown please click on our History of the Bra Fitting Course page Lindsey is not only an expert in bra fitting but is the designer behind the resort wear brand LindseyBrown.com

Don't miss out on the opportunity to learn from the best in the industry. Book your course now and take the first step towards a successful career in the bra fitting world. The aim of our bra fitting course is to teach participants to fit by eye, without the use of a tape measure, a proven technique which the bra course founder created during and after her Masters Research degree on Compression of the Breast Tissue. The bra fitting training classes are held in small groups of four to eight people, enabling course interaction with fellow participants where individual queries are answered.


Who is the Bra Fitting Course for ?

The One Day Bra Fitting Course is suitable for everyone involved in the lingerie market, from buyers to designers, established businesses who would like to enhance their knowledge of bra fitting and newcomers to the lingerie industry. As Bra Fitting is a female profession, the course is only suitable for women to attend as per our fitting models' request.


Previous Attendees have included 

Independent Retailers, Internet Retailers, Doctors, Store Managers, Buyers, Designers, Party-Plan Retailers, Students, Sales Agents, Sales Representatives, Specialist Retailers, Plastic Surgeons, Breast Clinic Nurses, Established Lingerie Businesses wishing to refresh their skills, Newcomers to the Lingerie Industry and ladies wanting to offer a home bra fitting service and bra fitting business.


How can I use the training in my business? 

This bra fitting course is not intended for individuals who want to use the knowledge to train others in bra fitting. Bespoke and Licensed Training Courses are available, please send an email by clicking here to Registar your specific bra fitting and training course needs. Please see our Bra Fitting Course Legal Notices page for more information.


Bra Course certification

All attendees who have shown an understanding of the various aspects of the Bra Fitting process and have successfully fitted the models will receive a certificate in Bra Fitting.


Where is the course held ? 

The Bra Fitting Course and Advanced Bra Fitting Course location has moved to the College Court Conference Centre in Leicester. This new location is still easily accessible form all over UK and Europe.

It has free parking for attendees at this world class facility and a hotel onsite plus a selection of hotels nearby.

For directions please see our Bra Fitting Course Location page.


When are the next  bra fitting courses?

The Bra Fitting Course runs on a Monday, approximately every two months.  Please view the Bra Course Dates to Attend page.


I have experience, should I attend the Advance Course ?

We suggest the Initial One Day Bra Course is the best course for newcomers and advanced more experienced bra fitters. Those wanting more training who have already completed the initial training course can progress onto the Advanced Bra Fitting Course at a later stage.


What is the Cost ?

The Course is £360.00 Inc. VAT which includes lunch and all refreshments throughout the day. Payments can be made safely online using PayPal or Cards. You can also pay by Wire or Transfer. For any queries please contact the Bra Fitting Course office here. 


Can I contact you afterwards ?

The bra fitting course covers two follow up emails and phone calls from each attendee or employer to discuss any problem fittings or queries. 


Our Bra Fitting Course Training is suitable for worldwide lingerie boutiques wanting Bra Fitting Courses in America and Bra Fitting Courses in Canada. We also have a lot of interest from ladies wanting a Bra Fitting Course in Trinidad and a Bra Fitting Course in Barbados who fly to the UK to attend our courses. 

Having successfully completed the One Day Bra Fitting Course, all attendees leave with the confidence to correctly assess bra sizes. A Bra Fitting Certificate is awarded to every attendee at the end of the day. The Bra Fitting Course has run year on year since 2006. 

If you would like to book a bra fitting training course or have any questions for our bra fitting trainers please email us at info@brafittingcourse.co.uk